Below are some testimonials regarding the conditions I have successfully treated.

"After two C-Sections, one emergency, one planned, I was left with years of internal discomfort and pain including a constant feeling of prolapse. I had intermittent sensations of stuckness and dragging, alongside pressure which I now understand to be scar tissue affecting movement of the surrounding tissues. It has also become clear that other physical symptoms such as lung efficiency and back pain had also been directly effected by the surgerys.

Following a period of myofascia release work, I have both a significant reduction of pain and dragging sensation and also an increased awareness of my entire body, areas which I hadn't realised had become completely numb and disassociated since the operations. A surprise to me has been the emotional, trauma release that has also happened in conjunction with the physical healing. The positive impact on my quality of life, both physically and emotionally, is profound."


Having spent thousands of pounds on every conceivable alternative treatment, I have had lower back problems for many years, which more recently led to me having real problems with my hip.

After having an x ray then an MRI, with nothing to be seen, I went to see Emma, she suggested we try MFR. I can only say it has been like a miracle cure. Emma is empathetic & sensitive to one's pain. Along with a painful hip, my lower back has also been troublesome, leaving me with one leg considerably longer than the other one, adding to the general pain I was feeling.

Emma has worked with great commitment to sorting out my problems.

I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Chris Moore

"I had long been a sceptic about massage, regarding it as some fancy feminine pursuit akin to beauty treatment. However with the aging process, I have suffered from osteoarthritis over the last two years. It begun in one wrist, then spread to both my feet. This made walking range from very uncomfortable to downright painful. I realised it was a progressive complaint, with little scope for treatment, other than pain killers.
This put me in a frame of mind to take heed of my wife’s suggestion to try massage. Nothing lost, I thought! So I booked up with Emma Gilmore who had been recommended to us.
Well what an eye opener! Emma showed a fully analytical medical approach, carefully noting all the symptoms. She then embarked on a series of Myofascial Release therapy. It was nothing like what I had expected. The treatment was both explorative, identifying the sources of my problems, and restorative. The therapy consists of gentle hands on pressure to the relevant parts of the body. I could almost feel the pain being squeezed out.
After just three sessions, my wrist is much easier allowing me to garden without restrictive pain. My feet still have a little pain but it is spread throughout my feet not just all in one place, so walking is much easier.
I regard the treatment as a great success and have no hesitation of recommending Emma with her Myofascial Release therapy to fellow arthritis sufferers."

Allan Kissack

"I have had lower back problems for many years, which more recently led to me having real problems with my hip. After having an x ray, then an MRI, with nothing to be seen, I went to Emma, knowing her already as an amazing massage therapist. She suggested we try MFR. I can only say it has been like a miracle cure. I had previously spent thousands of pounds on every conceivable alternative treatment.
Emma is empathetic and sensitive to one's pain; she has worked with great commitment to sorting out my problems, reducing pain and re-aligning my functionally longer leg, by skilfully realigning my hips.
I cannot recommend her highly enough."

C. M
Chronic back and hip pain

"Thank you – you really are a miracle worker.”
My back had been in constant pain since having my first child 18 months ago, making everyday tasks very difficult.
After my first treatment I experienced huge relief, I no longer had need for the tens machine which I had been using on a regular basis. After 3 weeks, the pain began to creep back, but after two more treatments I felt completely restored to my former self."

J. Roebuck
Chronic back pain

"My back and neck were so sore I was sure I'd need a number of treatments to sort it out, but Emma worked wonders on my first appointment and the pain was completely gone - she really did herself out of a job!"

Chronic back pain

"I was recommended by a friend who had received treatment from Emma as I have ongoing upper back problems. My condition is aggravated by a cycle of stress, bad posture and pain resulting in tension, knotted muscles and impairment of movement.
I have tried other treatments in the past including osteopathy, shiatsu and acupuncture which have been relatively successful. I have received about 10 treatments with Emma over the last 5 months and have found that I have increased movement in my upper back; I no longer have muscle spasms across my shoulder blades and have hardly any pain in my upper back. The benefits happened gradually but have been persistent unlike other treatments I have received in the past. The stretches and exercises that Emma recommended have also helped in sustaining the benefits as well as regular yoga and swimming. I also have a calf injury sustained a couple of years ago which Emma has also been treating."

K. Brent
Chronic back pain

"For the last 3 years Emma has been providing deep massage and healing on a back problem that I incurred after falling off a roof some 40 years ago. With her help, I’ve been largely pain free for some 18 months now (hoorah!) which has finally allowed me to consider my back healed and healthy once again (bigger hoorah!). I would definitely recommend Emma."

P. Wiscombe
Chronic back pain

"I wanted to record my thanks for your patience and skill in resolving my neck, shoulder, arm and hand issues.
Whilst I had experienced some tennis elbow type symptoms’ a few years ago I had hoped that having given up playing the game I would avoid any repetition. Unfortunately whilst this appeared to be the case, following a fall the flare up and pain I experienced reached new heights.
Myofascial release is an amazing treatment with the benefit of being pretty much un-intrusive whilst achieving almost instant results. I cannot praise the treatment or your patience and approach enough I am sure you will be able to help a lot of people and even avoid the need for operations in some cases."

B. Hurst
Chronic neck, shoulder and arm pain and dysfunction

"As long as I can remember I have held tension in my shoulders and back, I have had countless treatments in Germany and London, none of which quite hit the spot. Emma came highly recommended as somebody who really knew her field, and could get to the root of the problem. I noticed the benefits of Emma’s treatments immediately; and have a treatment a month to keep on top of my aches and pains.
Emma has helped me tremendously to get rid of my layers of upper body tension; she has advised me on how to improve my posture at work (ie laptop at correct height to reduce stress on the body) and in other situations. She has a keen interest to enabling her patients to be in control of their lives and will suggest exercises and stretches that they can do for themselves.
I have not found anyone better in London."

M. Wood
Chronic neck, shoulder and arm pain and dysfunction

"I have found MFR to be a really effective treatment particularly for the sciatica that I had recently. It has also helped with a frozen shoulder and general tension in the lower back and I would therefore recommend to anyone in any kind of pain to give it a try."

C. Hammick
Frozen shoulder

"I have had on-going problems with my hip for several years now, and tried various methods to relieve the discomfort and pain. Emma's treatment is gentle, thorough and holistic. The cause of the problem is dealt with both from an emotional and physical level. I would highly recommend Emma to others. She is very thorough and does everything she can to get to the root cause of the problem. I feel much, much better and I am really glad that I found Emma and this treatment."

Hip and gluteal pain and dysfunction

"I have seen Emma a number of times over the past few years. Firstly for hip/gluteal pain (I think due to poor posture from carrying my daughter around on my hip). Even after the first treatment I noticed a big improvement and it only took one more session for it to be really sorted.
I have seen Emma more recently for a tennis injury in my arm. Again, the treatment really helped to ease the pain. Emma’s obvious in-depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology enables her to offer really sound advice on how to prevent further pain and injury and improve posture. The exercises she gives are not only easy to remember, but easy to do and I still manage to do them to prevent further aches and pains.
Emma has a friendly and professional approach."

B. Lintell
Hip and gluteal pain and dysfunction

"I had been in pain for several months and had tried several sessions of Physiotherapy but had had no results. Emma s approach is very thorough with a full consultation taken and relevant treatment given. The touch is very firm, verging on the almost painful at times, but ‘good’ pain that achieves results. The treatments almost immediately reduced pain and muscular spasms in lower back and leg, and with each treatment the benefits lasted longer and longer. Emma suggested stretches, which were beneficial and very easy to do. Initially I saw Emma every 2 weeks then reduced this to every 4 weeks."

O. Chapman
Lumbar and leg pain

"When I first consulted Emma, I was in constant pain from my neck right down my spine; I also had restricted head movement. The results were phenomenal; I was immediately in less pain and gained movement in my neck. I have continued to see Emma on a regular basis, and she has dealt with other problems as they have arisen.
I would highly recommend Emma for any physical complaint or even if you need some time out, her approach is professional and dynamic; she is always ready for a new challenge."

D. Hall
Neck pain

"I have been treated by Emma Gilmore for about two years. Initially I sought help with a painfully stiff neck. Although Emma managed to ease it on my first visit, she diagnosed the problem as being further down my back and I have subsequently made fortnightly visits for treatment which has enabled me to move more freely as well as helping to alleviate pain.
I have always found Emma extremely pleasant and professional in her approach. She always takes time to explain what she is doing and has suggested further exercises which have proved beneficial.

I have no hesitation in recommending Emma Gilmore most highly."

M. Vercoe
Neck pain

"Just to let you know that when I got onto the ‘open road’ I found I had to adjust my driving mirror upwards by quite a lot."

M. S
Postural Improvement

"As a small and busy design company, we’re pretty much desk-bound for most of the working day. Emma’s work has been gratefully received by all of us, helping to give us all better postures, stronger backs & increase productivity!"

Wild Apple Design Ltd
Postural Improvement

"Emma came to my rescue with regular treatment during the later stages of my second pregnancy. It was the only solution I found to constant upper back pain - and I'd tried it all: Yoga, Alexander Technique, and Acupuncture. She seems to have a sixth sense when she works with women, with a real understanding of the specific issues that can arise owing to a radically changed body shape."

S. Roberts

"I have found MFR to be a really effective treatment particularly for the sciatica that I had recently. It has also helped with a frozen shoulder and general tension in the lower back and I would therefore recommend to anyone in any kind of pain to give it a try."

C. Hammick