Supervision offers you support in all and every aspect of your business as a bodywork therapist. With my 30 years of experience, I strongly feel I can offer you the support you need to improve your clinical results, deepen into your practice & find your work more rewarding. A different perspective can often help you move into a better place yourself, from which to support your clients. When working alone, an independent and neutral sounding board is often invaluable. 
So, how can I support you?

I aim to support you with any aspect of your business that you are struggling with.
  • Feelings of overwhelm, where perhaps you are working too many hours, not scheduling or charging appropriately 
  • Understanding how and why a client triggers you, giving a different perspective of situations
  • Stepping back to see the bigger picture, especially when you have become affected by a client’s story
  • Skills to remain present and grounded, even with clients with a difficult or trauma past, who may bring patterns of overwhelm into clinic.
  • Working out and accessing the right type of CPD, to take your business to the next level
  • Understanding how to market yourself to build a thriving practice 

Thank you Emma, on-going supervision has revolutionised my business, it has given me the skills to sit back and allow the treatment to unfold, without me working so hard. You helped me see my true worth, I have now put my prices up and am busier than ever! I am also now brave enough to stick to my cancellation policy. Supervision is definitely money well spent, and since I am earning more, so many of my other worries have fallen away. I cannot thank you enough. Sarah McC

Emma’s practical advice, attention and empathy have supported me to understand my clients on a much deeper level. She teaches to hold a safe space for all that has been – we do not know our clients whole story in words, yet their body does. Certain symptoms hint to certain past experiences of trauma, with Emma’s knowledge and insights, I was able to hold a really safe space to allow for the story to unfold and my client unburdened herself – physically, emotionally & verbally – in ways she had never been able to before. With this, her pain reduced immediately. Deep gratitude to you & your insights Emma. Olive C

Emma supported me to see how my own personal story, my injuries and recovery informed my practice. How my varied life experience brought wisdom to my clinical work, that these experiences added value beyond my hands on techniques. These insights enabled me to value myself & my work further, supported me to put in clearer professional boundaries around timings, cancellation policy and scheduling; ensuring I enjoyed my work more fully. Sara G

Emma Gilmore
Emma Gilmore would love to support you in any aspect of your business.

Supervision sessions online or in-person: individual or small group

60 minute session £70

90 minute session £105

120 minute session £140

A minimum of 48 hours notice is required if you wish to change or cancel your session or the full fee may be charged, there are a limited number of hours in the week and someone may need your session time. I appreciate your understanding.

Please book: 07557-262-357  or

I currently teach nationally & internationally: I offer small group tuition from my beautiful treatment room DT6 3RN.
Fascial Release for Emotional holding Patterns
Women’s Health: Scar Tissue Release
Tinnitus & Migraine
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