Pregnancy and Post-partum


To support a woman throughout her pregnancy is a wonderful privilege. This everyday miracle of life is easy to take for granted – connecting through touch reminds us that it is indeed a miracle.

Preparing for the birth and post-partum (after birth) are times when treatment can be particularly beneficial and supportive to a woman, both physically and emotionally; supportive bodywork is applicable from pre conception throughout the 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimesters, during labour and beyond the birth of your child. Pregnancy is not an illness but there are huge changes going on; the body is striving throughout to maintain a healthy environment for the foetus, without compromising the mothers’ health; this will have a profound effect on the mother’s body as well as her emotional state.

Changes in body shape and posture may lead to muscular tension, a significant increase in fluid content of the body, changes to vital organs and huge hormonal changes. Pregnancy can also bring with it many anxieties relating to the mother’s and baby’s health, big life changes, financial worries etc.

Regular treatment can help significantly with some of the discomforts that pregnancy may bring, and be a great support to a mother throughout her pregnancy and after birth.

The aims of the session vary from:

  • “Me” time
  • Aiding digestion
  • Improving sleep
  • Lymph drainage
  • Increasing comfort
  • Understanding the changes
  • Increase in body mind connection
  • Preparation for labour and labour positions
  • Pain relief techniques for birthing partners, encouraging partner to get involved and feel a connection
  • Pelvic Diaphragmatic Release to allow a mal-positioned baby to turn into the optimal birthing position. Please see here for more information.

“Emma came to my rescue with regular massage during the later stages of my pregnancy. It was the only solution I found to constant upper back pain, and I’d tried it all. She seems to have a sixth sense.” SR

“Emma’s treatment enabled me to stay positive about my changing body shape and feel in touch with those changes. Her nurturing attitude and practical knowledge made my pregnancy a real joy – any physical niggles being dealt with swiftly and completely, in an environment which made me feel safe, nurtured and understood. My partner and I also undertook her workshop for labour, which offered us techniques for relaxation, breathing and massage, all of which we used during my labour and proved invaluable to me. Her post-partum massage has helped me to stay positive and greatly reduced lower back pain due to lifting.” BS

“I suffered with Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction during my first and more severely during my second pregnancy, the pain was extreme and I ended up using crutches and a wheelchair. After the birth I still had discomfort in my pubic area, which was causing problems in other areas of my body. The treatment I received has reduced my pain enormously and allowed me to regain complete freedom of movement. The treatment is unthreatening and seems to allow the body to re-configure itself. I can now ride my horse and am back running.” HJ

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