Pelvic Diaphragm Release

Incredibly effective techniques which allow a mal-positioned baby to turn into the optimal birthing position, gentle unobtrusive. So far I have had 100% success rate. I invite you to try, I can also train your partner, midwife or doula in these techniques.


“Blown away today to watch a baby turn itself from breech to cephalic during myofascial release work at an awesome School of Bodywork study day. The mother was so much more comfortable after the baby turned and grinned from ear to ear.It was so gentle and permissive. Truly the baby chose to turn. Somehow the therapist merely held the space which enabled this. The change in the mother’s demeanour was profound from tense and experiencing chronic pain since 11/40 to smiling happy and comfortable. She told us the baby was moving big movements about 10 minutes into the treatment. The therapist’s hands were still. We could easily see the baby’s movements and all of us noticed the changed shape of her belly after the Release. She was kind enough to let me palpate afterwards, already convinced her belly felt quite different at the top. It looked so gentle and led by the baby. I was in awe and still am. More workshops may follow.”

Liz Nightingale an extremely well regarded independent midwife of 14 years.

GB a 34 week pregnant patient had been in a lot of discomfort since week 11 of her pregnancy, she had numbness and pain down her left leg, and had been walking on crutches, and she looked a lot less than 34 weeks pregnant. Her baby boy was in breech position. She looked exhausted and in pain. She climbed awkwardly and tentatively onto the couch with the help of a foot stool and lay in a semi supine position. I ensured she was as comfortable as possible and explained briefly what I was going to do, she seemed very happy. I worked with Transverse Plane Technique; which frees up restrictions within the pelvic diaphragm; GB talked about some of the difficulties of her pregnancy, her baby was almost never still (as he was constantly trying to get in a more comfortable positon for both of them). As I worked I felt her sacrum soften and “drop” into my hand, allowing space into her body, I continued for several minutes more, tuning into what the baby and mother needed, we both felt further restrictions on the left of the abdomopelvic cavity, so after gently removing my hands from the original position I worked here with a Cross Hand Release, after a few more minutes of this technique there was a terrific movement and Gerri looked almost shocked as the baby repositioned himself in a cephalic position, it was clear that my work was done. I invited Liz (above) to palpate… the baby had turned itself cephalic, GB got off the couch saying how different she felt, the baby had dropped and she now looked like a pregnant woman, she then walked without crutches.

“When I was pregnant with my second child at about 7 months he turned into a transverse position and refused to move! I went to Emma as I wanted a home birth and no medical intervention to move the baby. I had been treated by Emma for back issues previous to this and for pregnancy massage during my first pregnancy so I had full confidence in her working with me. Emma, as always worked in a clear and precise way, comforting me and giving me a full picture of what was going on. Her hands felt the babes position and she used non invasive encouraging techniques. We both felt, and sensed a distinct tight area to the right of the baby, the area felt stuck. I had been feeling this stuck area in one side for some time. Emma then worked in this area, with restraint and delicacy, it felt like magic; within 10 minutes the baby moved right round of his own accord in one long fluid motion. Both of us felt the movement, Emma had allowed the baby space to move in his own time and way. The restriction disappeared after this and I was able to have the home birth that I wanted. I will be eternally grateful.”

Belinda Silcox, mother and patient, who received treatment to allow her transverse baby to move and enable a home birth.

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