Craniosacral Therapy


What is craniosacral therapy?

Craniosacral therapy has been developed from the work of Dr William Sutherland an American Osteopath. He discovered in the early 1900’s subtle movements of the bones in the head, he went on to discover that the cells in the body also express rhythmical movements which are fundamental to life. Limited or absence of movement implies reduced health and therefore a limited ability for the body to self-heal; this can then lead to a variety of symptoms or disease. A craniosacral therapist will use their hands to subtly facilitate change in the patient’s body to reduce stasis and increase the body’s innate power to self-heal. It is a subtle, yet powerful and extremely effective therapy.

What happens during a craniosacral therapy session?

Initially I will take a full case history, to include details about lifestyle, your emotional state, sleep patterns, childhood and birth. I will then settle you on the couch, you will lie fully clothed on the treatment couch and I will use light, physical touch to contact various parts of your body. This light touch is subtle and non-invasive, it will allow me to palpate how the body is expressing itself. I will then encourage your body to take up the offer of change.

During a session patients often report a sense of deep relaxation, you may also feel sensations such as tingling, heat, cold, or pulsing. The treatment continues to work for several days and on occasions symptoms worsen, before relief is felt.

The treatment is carried out with you dressed and most commonly lying on your back.



“I feel LOADS better, I feel I am just myself.”

“Because of the sensitive and positive way you hold the treatment space, I have felt confident to verbalise some of the more difficult, painful or embarrassing thoughts and feelings that have arisen and this has helped give the treatments a rounded and complete holistic sense. Thank-you.”

“I think and feel that Craniosacral Therapy has helped me get to grips with stored memories and emotions and this understanding has given me a greater overall sense of peace and relaxation and a better sense of feeling comfortable in my own skin.”

“I am better able to recognise emotion and let it go, this feels liberating and lovely and allows me to be more present.”

“I feel much calmer, I now realised I was quite stressed yesterday at work.”

“Symptoms with hip, knee and shoulder have all gone. I feel taller and more symmetrical through my body.”

Woman receiving Craniosacral Therapy

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