Advanced Bodywork Therapy

Hello, I offer advanced bodywork therapy from a beautiful treatment room near Lyme Regis, I aim to restore you to an active pain free life. As a bodywork therapist with 27 years experience, I am able to drawn on my wealth of knowledge to develop a bespoke treatment to meet all your needs. I stay up to date with the latest developments in the field and access my varied skills to return you to an active pain free life.

When not in clinic, I teach bodywork both nationally and internationally and am Director of School of Bodywork, you can read my published articles here.

My interest in health goes back to my early 20’s when I studied Rhythmical massage. My journey led me via sports massage, to the lighter touch of fascia informed bodywork, and then to craniosacral therapy. What I witnessed was that lighter, more informed touch allowed the body to heal at a much deeper level. Facilitating physical, emotional and psychological change, providing profound and longer lasting results.

My aim is to return you to an active pain free life, restoring health and enhancing well-being. I take a detailed case history, listening to your needs and concerns. I will then respond to whatever you present with on the day of your treatment. My aim is to provide a safe and nurturing environment which will allow you to respond to the treatment at a deep level. 

Advanced Bodywork Therapy
Emma Gilmore

Home-care advice is given where necessary, this will empower you to help yourself in your own time. This is simple, easy to follow and tailor made to suit you. The aim of this is to help empower you and enable you to feel in control of your situation and understand your condition more clearly.

I offer advanced bodywork therapy in

Your Treatment; frequency and duration

If you present with a chronic condition, are in a lot of pain, or in a heightened emotional state I would initially recommend weekly treatments to ensure the best results; appointments can then be reduced to every other week. Finally monthly treatments are recommended as a form of maintenance, to prevent you returning to the original condition or symptoms, and to enhance health and well-being.

Frequently patients will present with one problem, as this is resolved you may decide to go deeper into treatment, dealing with other issues, that may have lain dormant or that arise as a result of tuning in at a deeper level to self.

For more information please call 07557-262-357 or email or: Contact Now

Appointments are available Mondays and Thursdays at the following times:

9am, 10:15am, 11:30am, 2pm, 3:15pm, 4:30pm

To book an appointment please click here (online booking coming very soon)

Appointment Fees:

60 mins £60

Cancellation policy: A minimum of 48 hours notice is required if you wish to change or cancel your appointment or the full fee may be charged, there are a limited number of hours in the week and someone may need your appointment. Thank you. However there will be no charge for any cancellations if related to covid-19, it is of utmost importance that we protect each other and the wider community at this time.

Appointments will take place at:
Lyme Regis
Wellhayes has a pin on Google maps. There is a rather steep and bumpy track that leads to our idyll, please drive carefully, park at the end – facing the wall and I will come out to greet you. You are welcome to enjoy the surrounding beauty and take a walk around the lake before or after your appointment.